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907 Surplus

ECWCS stands for 'Extended Cold Weather Clothing System' and was developed by the U.S. Military to provide it's soldiers with a clothing system to get them through any weather situation they might encounter in the field. From sand storms to blizzards and rain this gear will take it all. The system is a layering system designed to keep it's wearer comfortable through a wide range of temperatures and conditions. Layering allows for adding or removing of layers to adjust to the body's temperature needs avoiding hypothermia which allows for peak performance in the field. There are currently 7 layers in this system and the items for sale here are Layer 1, or the Base Layer also referred to as the Silk Weight top and bottom. The Base Layer is worn next to the skin by itself or in conjunction with other levels for added insulation and to aid in the transfer to moisture, they are designed to wick moisture and to provide protection from the elements. it is highly breathable, wicks moisture away from teh skin and dries fast providing evaporative cooling in warmer weather and insulating in cool weather - all with less weight and bulk than in previous ECWS systems. (Note that the black silk weight in Generation II, the sand Silk weight is part of the new Generation III, but the fabric is the same, just the color is different.)

The ECWCS Silk Weight Top and Bottom is made of moisture wicking polyester fabric designed to keep moisture away from your skin and begin the insulation process in a light with light and comfortable garments. The smooth, silky texture allows for comfortable layering. All silk weight undergarments sold here are manufactured for the US Army by either Polar-Tec® or Polar-Max®.

  • PowerDry® fabric allows fabric to absorb any moisture from the body and dry quickly
  • Machine washable
  • Warmth without weight
  • Very comfortable next to the skin
  • All seams double reinforced for durability and longevity of garment
  • Drawers have an elastic waistband and access fly
  • Contoured long tail undershirt for additional protection from the elements
  • Thumb holes aid in donning multiple layers (note only the Polar-Tec have the thumb holes, but 98% of our gear are Polar-Tec. You MAY get a Polar-Max or Patagonia (2% possibility and if so they are EXACTLY as described above but no thumb hole)
  • Reduced chaffing and increased comfort during movement
  • All garments here made by US Government contracted manufacturer with Contract # and NSN# on tags

The photos are representative of the item(s) you will receive, but are not the actual item(s). The item(s) you receive may differ slightly in condition or appearance from the representative photos, but will be substantially the same in terms of their condition, appearance and functionality.

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